Reading Centre Information

    • We take one child at a time – each child gets individual attention.
    • Lessons are everyday, Mondays to Fridays: once or twice a week is not enough as progress will be too slow and the child will lose interest.
    • Lessons are only 30 minutes long: with longer lessons the child will lose interest as well as concentration.
    • The child attends a minimum of 20 lessons and up to 23 lessons per month (10 – 11½ hours per month).
    • Some methods erroneously teach a learner to memorize words and sentences and prevent them from reading unknown words. Once a learner has gone through our reading program, he/she can read ANYTHING and it is possible that the learner’s reading ability is superior to that of his/her comprehension. It means the learner may be able to read e.g. “Scintillate, scintillate globular vivific”, fluently without understanding it. But the chances are that he/she will understand “Twinkle, twinkle, little star”.
    • Some methods erroneously teach a learner to sound out words singularly, e.g. c‐a‐t. Firstly, the learner’s ear cannot hear (most of the times) the word says ‘cat’ and will say e.g. ‘foot’. Secondly, this teaches the eye to read back and forth, causing a jerky eye movement and there is not a fluency with the eyes. On our reading program the learner is taught to LOOK and READ sounds combined and not to read or sound them singularly, for example “ca‐t” and NOT “c‐a‐t”.
    • The other methods do not necessarily work for everybody. Our method works for EVERYBODY (from your slow, average to your bright learner as well as adults). A lady of 34 years of age, who has brain damage, as well as a man of 27 years, who had dyslexia, was taught on our programs. Even a Down’s Syndrome girl was helped on our method. Should someone battle with our reading programs, something else might need to be attended to (e.g. testing their eyes and hearing, etc.)
    • We sell the sets enabling parents themselves to help their children at their own pace or parents can send their children for extra reading lessons to a reading centre.
    • We are already a household name – when people hear “Sound Combination Reading” or “Die Japtrap Leesmetode”, they know it is the reading method that works!
    • Our method has been successfully used for over 70 years already, in both schools and at home.
    • Thousands of children have been taught to read or have been helped by using this program, and many schools are using our product.
    • Suitable for all ages (even adults) – on average girls start from the age of 4 and boys from 5 years.
    • When the learner struggles with a certain step, it gets repeated until he/she mastered it.
    • Proceeding with the next step only happens when the current step has been mastered 100%.
    • Suitable from 4 years+.
    • Develops a very fast speed of reading.
    • Learn to read within a very short space of time.
    • Capable of excellent spelling.
    • Increase vocabulary.
    • Perfect pronunciation.
    • Stimulates logic thinking.
    • Promotes a positive self-image.

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