The Walters Reading Academy

This reading centre is owned by Heidi Nel (granddaughter of Phoebe Walters, who developed these programmes).

Trained and authorized tutor:  Leona Pretorius (Afrikaans and English).

Our passion is helping children who have reading and/or spelling problems.  We work with printed reading matter, but most importantly, we take every child individually and work on his/her pace. Progress and results are imperative and therefore lessons are given everyday (Mondays to Fridays) in order to get quicker and smarter results.

Our qualified tutor, Leona Pretorius, is absolutely wonderful with each child.  She has lots of patients and we have had so much positive feedback from our parents (read our testimonials).  The kids cannot wait to go to their reading lessons in the afternoons and that is what is important – they have to love their reading classes and it must not be a burden to them.

We take children from as small as 4 years up to High School age and would love to make a difference in your child’s school career (because if a child battles with reading, their schoolwork takes a knock).

083 415 4656

PLG Hartbeespoort Academy,


Please contact us for monthly tuition fees and available times